KFC Gravy Scented Candles

Who would’ve thought that gravy scented candles would be a hit? Of course, gravy tastes delicious and it sure does smell delicious too. Kentucky Fried Chicken gravy scent gives a feeling of coziness and warmth, which is probably a driving force behind the new KFC limited edition scented candles.

The scent of creamy, runny gravy covering smooth potatoes will turn your home into an oasis of soul food satisfaction. Your nostrils will open with delight at the dreamy wafts of slow cooked chicken gravy filling your hallways and living room.

If you’d like one of these heavenly scented food candles you can win one by submitting your information in their “It’s All Gravy Baby” giveaway. You can win the KFC Gravy Scented candle by going here: https://www.kfc.co.uk/gravycandle

Check out this video of the KFC It’s All Gravy limited edition scented candle: