18 Amazingly Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Bestie (Boy or Girl)

When you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for friends you surely will want to shop more than just clear plaques, wordy journals, and the usual candies. Valentine’s gift ideas for her can include flowers which are always lovely, potted plants, and sure, okay… candies too. Valentine’s gifts for him can include a gift set of cologne or a nice bag of socks but of course this list aims to be a bit more creative and unique.

Valentines for friends should be as loving and adoring as gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend. After all, your bestie has been there for you through good times and bad probably longer than your Sig O. Enjoy this list of amazingly thoughtful Valentine’s day gift ideas to help you get those bestie gift giving juices flowing.

Here’s a list of 18 of the most thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas to buy for your best friend this year. Lots of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas are great for him too, so they boys are definitely not left out!

1. A Super Cute Musical Picture Frame with Recordable Sound

Record a 15 second message for your bestie that sends out all the right feels for Valentines Day and honors your amazing friendship. Put an awesomely sentimental, funny, or seriously adorable picture of you two in the frame. Anything goes because your friendship is what’s up.

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2. Lucky In Love T-Shirt

The great thing about giving t-shirts as gifts is they tend to be kept literally, forever. Even the lame ones people get at work parties end up at the bottom of drawers for eternity or until someone moves at the very soonest.

This shirt will send all the right messages to your most lovable friend and looks great on everyone. Buy it in red, cranberry, or pink to flatter your beautiful buddy.

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3. Friendship Coffee Mug

Check out these seriously cute friendship coffee mugs. On the outside the message reads, “You’re my best friend.”. On the inside rim it reads, “That’s All.”.

What a perfect message for your bestie and without too much mush. Mug comes with tons of practicality and is available in basically every shade you could want. It holds all the best tasting beverages and even a mountain of candy if you want to go that route.

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4. USB Mixtape

Gone may be the days of mix tapes on actual cassette tape media (pretty much), but here to stay are lists of songs that make you’d like to dedicate to your beloved best friend.

This super cute mini tape is actually a USB drive that can hold your songs. It’s an authentic message of love in a bottle for the digital age. It has a fun, quirky, even sorta nerdy appeal. If your bestie loves retro, this Valentine’s Day gift will be a hit for sure.

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5. Garden or Yard Pinwheel

Did you know that pinwheels bring good luck? One of the best things about this garden pinwheel as a gift to your bestie for Valentine’s Day is that it will be installed in a visible place all year round. Your friendship gift will be bringing colorful excitement and natural wonder and joy to your friend’s home for years to come.

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6. Leggings

Let’s be real. These are a must for every girl. They are the uniform of a thousand comfortable afternoons, cozy evenings, and active mornings. When you have the right pair of leggings, every activity feels like an easy task. SNL made a great skit on yoga pants finely illustrating this point (see below).



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Or you can even go a step further into the land of the ultimate leggings membership, Fabletics. Get two pairs for $24 when you sign up as a VIP member. Kate Hudson’s leggings company has skyrocketed into one of the most successful active wear businesses because of the amazing variety of high quality leggings available on Fabletics.com.

These leggings are so flattering and go with everything because there are so many styles to choose from.

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7. Silicone Travel Bottles

Is your bestie a frequent flyer or gym rat? These silicone travel bottles are the perfect on the go refillable containers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, etc.

They are so soft and easy to dispense contents, unlink the hard plastic, so often leaky travel bottles available at most pharmacies and grocery stores. These travel bottles are also food safe and carry-on approved.

Save your friends suitcase from being drenched in shampoo or coconut scented lotion that might never completely wash out of fine clothing items. Taking your bestie on a trip? Give these as a teaser gift and then whip out the tickets for a huge surprise.

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8. Survival Pen

Don’t kid yourself. Being able to defend yourself in an attack can mean the difference between walking away unharmed or ending up in more disturbing and dangerous situations. Let’s not go there!

Unlike so many other weapons that require permits and disclosures, this StrikePen is completely legal to carry and has a ton of functions you would need in a survival situation.

If your bestie would appreciate a gift that shows how much you care about his or her safety then this StrikePen is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

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9. Heart Shaped Nail Glitter

Is your bestie a beauty lover with a penchant for beautiful, glittery nails? Check out this heart shaped nail glitter in a fun collection of colors for your best friend.

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10. Latex Mattress Topper

Give your bestie the gift of healthier, more comfortable sleep. Good sleep resets our day. We all need great sleep to function at our best and many of us don’t get enough, don’t get the best quality of sleep, and most of us don’t have healthy mattresses.

Healthy mattresses are a subject all their own but basically it amounts to the fact that most beds are off-gassing chemical compounds into the air while we sleep. They are covered in fire-retardant chemical cocktails, each manufacturer having their own blend. These chemicals are linked to all sorts of illness and disease.

Latex beds and mattress toppers do not off-gas. They last 20 years instead of 1 or 2 years. The mattresses are usually wrapped in natural wool as a fire retardant and then the case of the beds are usually cotton.

Latex toppers are the most comfortable, healthy, long lasting toppers you can own. Your best friend will think loving thoughts of you each time he or she crawls into bed and feels the healthy cushion of a plush latex mattress topper.

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11. Red Wireless Earbuds

Give your bestie the gift of freedom this Valentine’s Day. Freedom from wires tying her down, bolting her to her laptop or phone. Freedom from poor sound quality and low pickup microphones.

Give her the gift of wireless earbuds by Bose. These red hot earbuds can handle her sweat at the gym and her noisy bike ride to your house.

They are comfortable enough to wear when she’s studying on the couch for long periods.

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12. Boho Chic Wall Tapestry

How cute is this boho chic wall tapestry? Cover a boring wall with a beautiful mandala tapestry that will bring all the good vibes into her space.

She can use it to decorate her space or take it along to the beach to use as a beach blanket.

The tapestry comes in red and white, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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13. Octopus Shower Caddy

This is the cutest bath caddy we’ve ever seen. It holds shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, small bottles, big bottles, you name it. Hangs from any hook or even fits over the shower rod. It’s made of durable rubber, and of course, it’s red.

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14. Racing Style Office Chair

Is your best friend more of a gaming type? Does he or she spend a lot of time in their home office, AKA R&D lab? Are they finding ways to innovate their trade and create the next beautiful art print?

Check out this rad looking and back loving racing style office chair.

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15. Snap Instant Camera

This is a 13MP Portable Instant Print Digital Photo Camera w/Built-in Touchscreen Display. It is an all-in-one camera and printer. This baby will take an amazing photo and then print it out for you for instant satisfaction.

It also doubles as a camcorder, so taking 1080p/720p HD video is as a simple as the press of a button.

If your bestie is a shutterbug then this Valentine’s Day gift will have her smiling ear to ear.

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16. Quick-dry Slip On Shoes for Yoga or Water Sports

These Love themed slip ons or exactly what your bestie needs if she spends time at the beach, doing yoga, stretching, and more. They have durable rubber soles and a smooth neck design for maximum comfort when wet.

The super cute shoes will protect your bestie’s feet from the elements such as sharp objects in the water, rocks, slippage, and more. Remember, friends don’t let friends walk barefoot on wet docks.

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17. Pink Ponytail Beanie Hat

This pink ponytail beanie hat is so cute you may ask to borrow it once you’ve given it to her as a gift. This knit beanie hat has a hole at the top where your bestie’s ponytail will go. It will keep her ears warm without making her look like she has rocks under her hat.

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18. Valentine’s Day Visa Card

All else failing, why not just give your bestie the gift of buying whatever she wants? The Valentine’s Day Visa Gift card is perfect for the bestie who has everything including very specific tastes!

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